MP8620 Table of Contents

Static-Safe Work 1-3. Machine 1-4. Technician 1-5. Return to Default 1-6. Cleaning the LCD 1-6-1. Checking for 1-6-2. Cleaning the Dust from 1-7. LCD Panel 1-7-3. LCD Verification and 1-7-2. LCD Ribbon Cable 1-7-3. LCD Ribbon Cable 1-8. Interface Audio Board 1-9. Lamp 1-9-1. Check the Lamp 1-9-2. Align the 1-10. Timer 1-10-1. Reset the Lamp Life 1-11. Image 1-11-1. Adjusting the display resolution and brightness and 1-11-2. Part 2 - Adjusting the tracking to remove...

162 Cleaning the Dust from LCD

If dust particles can be seen on your projection image 1. Turn off the main power switch of the projector and unplug the power cord. 2. Remove the LCD module assembly. Refer to the appropriate Disassembly Reassembly procedures . 3. Use a dust blower or compressed air to blow air on the LCD panel. Do not exceed 40 PSI. 4. If dust is still visible wipe the LCD panel with a chamois swab or a lint-free cloth from the 3M LCD cleaning kit. Use extreme care when cleaning any optics device. Special...

173 LCD Ribbon Cable Installation

Installing a new LCD ribbon cable is done using the following steps 1. Gently pull out the white plastic clamp on the LCD and Interface board connectors to release the LCD ribbon cable. 2. Insert one end of the new ribbon cable into the LCD connector. The blue side of the cable should be facing up. 3. Insert the other end of the new ribbon cable into the interface board connector. The blue side of the cable should be facing down. 4. Lock the white plastic clamps into place on both the LCD...

191 Check the Lamp Alignment

With the projector off, remove the lamp assembly using the procedure listed in the Disassembly Reassembly section. 2. Hold the lamp assembly and look through the condenser at an angle perpendicular to the condenser lens. 3. The lamp should be aligned using the reflection image on the lamp reflector. The image of the lamp should be slightly above or slightly below the lamp. 4. If not, this position can be changed by turning the two adjustment screws below the lamp sockets. 5. Verify the lamp...

192 Align the Lamp

With the projector off, adjust the lamp up or down by turning the two adjustment screws mounted on springs under the lamp socket. If the arcs are too close, the lumen output will be reduced. If the arcs are to far apart the image uniformity will be affected. 2. Verify the lamp alignment by powering up the projector and viewing the image of the lamp on the screen by holding a triplet lens in front of the projector lens. 3. Repeat the above two steps until the lamp is aligned correctly.

1112 Part 2 Adjusting the tracking to remove vertical bands in the projection image

Test the tracking using a MS Excel spreadsheet projection image or equivalent. If vertical interference can be seen, then the tracking needs adjustment. 2. Press the Menu button on the projector to display the main menu. 3. Press the up down Arrow buttons on the projector or move the Control Stick on the remote control up down to highlight the Setup sub-menu. 4. Press the Enter button to select the Setup sub-menu. 5. Press the up down Arrow buttons on the projector or move the Control Stick...

49 Wiring Diagrams

Wiring diagrams provide a visual representation of how the projector is wired. 4-10. Internal Cabling Pinout Tables The pinout tables listed in this section are designed to assists in solving internal cable failure problems. 4-10-1. Interface Board Connector Locations Pin 1 of the connector is the black cable and pin 10 of the connector is the red cable. Lamp on 5Volt TTL high Lamp off 0 Volt TTL Low Dimmer Standard 0 Volt TTL low Economy 5 Volt Fan on 5Volt TTL high Fan off 0 Volts TTL low

46 Keystone Correction

A correct projection image on the MP8620 should be square and in focus. A projection image that is wider at the top and has a softened focus has keystoning. Keystoning is visible on the MP8620 when the projection to screen angle is greater than sixteen degrees. As the front of the projector is raised the projection angle increases. At sixteen degrees the projection image is still square and in focus, at nineteen degrees keystoning can be seen. The MP8620 is keystone corrected at a ratio of 3.9...

432 Electromagnetic Spectrum

All wavelengths of light are part of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. The spectrum is a continuous sequence of energy waves that vary in length from short to long. Visible light, the wavelength that our eyes can detect, is only a small portion of the entire spectrum. At one end of the visible spectrum are the short wavelengths of light we perceive as blue. At the other end of the visible spectrum are the longer wavelengths of light we perceive as red. All other colors are found somewhere...

334 LCD Not Functioning

Does the menu screen appear when the projector is powered on Does the input device send -the video signal properly Is the LCD cable properly functioning Refer to Projector Does Not Power Up. Replace pinched or broken ribbon cables. Check connections. Replace interface board if needed.

333 Projector Image Problem

Doe amp ei black spd 4jppuarS0 f firi iloi limn Ooes a brawn pattern appears on lett side oi Scrccri C gt oe a dark brawn M I of flppMnat scieen comers. ChKf.-k cooling 1an idiliJ air filter, Air filter Eliould be clean or replaced. Cooling itin should jij functioning Check polarizer and air filter. Air filter ehould he dean or nptaoad RMplais p lanzar il dlac lorati n QrottlCf defeds exist.


To avoid burns to fingers, allow projector lamp and internal projector components to cool off prior to lamp removal or disassembly. Remove the lamp assembly and power supply. 1. Remove three 3 screws securing cover. 2. Lift edge of cover toward front of machine first and then remove. 3. Disconnect two 2 cable connectors. 4. Remove four 4 screws two on each side from left and right speaker brackets. 6. Reassemble in reverse order.