OS Update Procedure

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OS Update Procedure

[OS Update procedure from USB]

The OS update can be made from the PC via the USB port.

You must have the "OS loader software for MPC4000" besides the OS .bin file.

The OS loader software includes the OS Loader.exe file, USB driver.inf file, and USB Driver.sys file.

1. Install USB Driver to your PC

After all files are un-Zipped, place the USB Driver.inf and USB Driver.sys files into the same folder, e.g. Driver. Boot up the PC and MPC4000 complete and then connect the sampler to the PC using the USB cable. This prompts that the PC found the new device an d the new driver is required. Refer it to the Driver folder you just created.

The Driver software will be placed correctly and the MPC4000 is recognized properly.

2. OS update

Double click on the OS Loader.exe icon and specify the OS .bin file. It will send the OS to the MPC4000. [Caution]

After the update, be sure to initialize the MPC4000 by pressing the GLOBAL key, and then [F6] (INITIAL) and [F5] (DO IT) keys, before turning it off.

[OS update procedure from CD-R]

To update the OS from the CD-ROM, it requires the OS version later than V1.02 software installed on the MPC4000. You can update the OS from the CD-ROM drive. Be sure to use the CD-ROM that contains the OS for the MPC 4000. You can create the OS disc by using your PC's CD-R/W function to write the "MPC4000.bin" file on to an ISO9660 CD-ROM disc.

1. Turn the MPC4000 on and insert the OS disc.

2. Press the LOAD key and select the MPC4000 OS file (.bin file).

3. Press the [F6] (DO IT) key and then the [F6] (INSTALL) key.

4. The OS Update progress appears, i.e. the messages "Please wait ??." and then "Upgrading of the Flash ROM was successful." appear accordingly.

5. Press the [F6] (Restart) key. Be sure to initialize the MPC4000 by pressing the GLOBAL key, and then the [F6] (INITIAL) and [F5] (DO IT) keys, before turning it off.

Writing Panel OS Program

Change the position of the Short Pin P15 on the IO PCB to PROG side.

The OS is automatically written to the Panel CPU RAM when the MPC4000 is switched on.

Switch the unit off when the "Process completed!" prompt message appeared and then replace the Short Pin to the original position.

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    How to update akai mpc 4000 via osloader?
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