Attaching the front panel

1. Holding the panel at its top and bottom edges.

2. Attach one side of the panel lightly first, then push the other side of the panel into the unit.

Keep in mind:

- If it works malfunction, take the panel off and put it back again.

- Do not touch the contact pins on the rear of the front panel, this can cause contact errors. If the contacts are not clean, clean contacts with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

- Do not expose the front panel to direct heat or cold.

- Be careful not to splash juice or other soft drinks into the car audio.

- Do not apply too much force. Otherwise, the panel may be damaged.

- Never take the front panel apart.

Maintenance and Precautions FM car antenna

When tuning in FM stations while the vehicle is moving, the vehicle will pass through changing signal conditions ranging from strong signals near broadcast stations to extremely weak signals. If any FM antenna is not used, the sensitivity may be reduced and the noise may increase as the signal conditions keep changing, For FM reception with a good sound quality and minimal noise, it is recommended that you attach a special FM car antenna.

■ Protection circuits

The protection circuits inside the unit function in the following circumstances.

- When the speaker terminals have been shorted.

- When the covering of the speaker cords has been worn away or cut and the wires inside are touching the vehicle body.

- When the inside temperature has risen due to some cause or other.

- When an overcurrent has flowed and the supply voltage has increased to an abnormal level.

If he protection circuits function during operation, find out what is wrong before continuing operation. No sound is heard through the speakers while these circuits are functioning.

Replacing the fuse

If the fuse has blown, replace with a fresh unit having the same amperage. If the new fuse blows as soon as it is inserted, there may be something wrong with the unit. In cases like this, contact your dealer.

-When opening the fuse holder, always make sure that the ignition is switch off.

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