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The LTC1174 (3.3V, 5V and adjustable versions) can convert a 9V battery source to system power with very high efficiency. Efficiency is over 90% at load currents from 20mA to 425mA and over 85% at a load current of 4mA. For a given load, maximum battery life can be obtained by minimizing shutdown current during system shutdown and maximizing converter efficiency during operation. A single control line to the LTC1174 can be used to select shutdown mode or operational mode, as required.

For this circuit (Figure 156), power-up is initiated by a low level signal on the NAND gate. This signal could come from any front-panel switch or from an external interrupt signal. The system power is turned off by means of a low level signal from a controller/logic device. In either case, the control signal to the LTC1174 must be latched. (A latched turn-off signal ensures a known state on the LTC1174 shutdown pin during the collapse of the 5V supply.)

The CD4012 and CD4013 are powered from the battery; the 2N2222 provides simple level shifting to the battery rail. R1 and C1 ensure that the circuit remains in power-down mode during battery replacement. The circuit shown here provides approximately 90% efficiency at 250mA load current, and consumes less than 1|iA shutdown current. Turn-on and turn-off transitions are very clean.

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Figure 156. Schematic Diagram of High Efficiency DC/DC Converter



Figure 156. Schematic Diagram of High Efficiency DC/DC Converter


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