Table Of Contents

Video Amplifier Circuit, Function, Description 68

Video Amplifier Circuit Description and Schematic 68-69

Video Board Power Supply and Arc Protect Schematic 70

CRT Auto Bias and Auto Bright Circuit, Function, Description 71

CRT Auto Bias, Auto Bright, and Vertical Sync Delay Circuit Description 72

CRT Auto Bias and Auto Bright Schematic 73

Monitor, Block Diagram Review 74

Blanking, Master Gain, and Fault Circuit, Function, Description 75

Blanking, Master Gain, and Fault Circuit Description 76

Blanking, Master Gain, Beam Limiter, and Fault Schematic 77

Vertical and Horizontal Sync Circuit Description 78

Vertical Deflection Circuit Description and Schematic 79-81

Horizontal Deflection Circuit Description and Schematic 82-83

Horizontal Raster Width Control Circuit Description 84

Horizontal Raster Width and Position Control Schematic 85

Dynamic Focus Circuit Function and Description 86

Vertical Booster Amplifier Circuit and Description 87

Simplified Power Supply Circuit, Function, Description 88-89

Switch Mode Power Supply Circuit Description and Schematic 90-91

Trouble Shooting and Repair

Equipment Setup for repairing the Model XX93 Monitor..(English) 92

Equipment Setup for repairing the Model XX93 Monitor..(German) 93

Power Supply Trouble Shooting Tips 94

Trouble Shooting Handbook 95-97

Filament Voltage Test..(English) 98

Filament Voltage Test..(German) 99

Setup and Convergence Procedure..(English) 100

Setup and Convergence Procedure..(German) 101

Replacement Parts, Purchase Order Form 102

1493 Degaussing Coil Attachment Specification 103

1793, 1993, 2093 Degaussing Coil Attachment Specification 104

2793, 3693 Degaussing Coil Attachment Specification 105

HighPot, for Shock Hazards, Circuit Description..(English) 106

HighPot, for Shock Hazards, Circuit Description..(German) 107

Wire Routing Instructions 108

Precision Resistor Arrays..(C, I, J) 109

Precision Resistor Array..(K) 110

Precision Resistor Array..(Blue) 111

Vertical Deflection Amplifier-Booster Technician Assembly Drawing 112

Monitor Input Drive Signal Worksheet 113

Declaration of Conformity 114

ISO XFR-75W and ISO XFR-100W Safety Isolating Transformer 115

Circuit Description..(English) 116

Auto Voltage Select Schematic and Assembly Drawing 117

Circuit Description..(German) 118

Installation Instructions 119-121

Specifications 122-123

Isolation Transformer Trouble shooting..(English) 124

Isolation Transformer Troubleshooting..(German) 125

Manual Voltage Select Schematic and Assembly Drawing 126

Part List Addendum 127-130

Monitor Simplified Block Diagram.

Block Diagram Crt Monitor

This block diagram gives a broad view of the circuit organization of the 1493, 1793, 1993, 2093, 2793, and 3693 monitors. The blocks with the bold outline represent circuits which provide these monitors with a wide range of operating conditions without the need for adjustment.

The video interface circuit can be programmed to accept; +Analog AC or DC coupled, -Analog, and 4 line TTL. The M. GAIN or contrast control is located on the remote control board.

The auto bias circuit eliminates the need for the color setup procedure. This circuit is designed to actively compensate for picture tube drift which normally causes unbalanced color. The auto bias circuit also adjusts the CRT gain to compensate for gain loss with age.

The horizontal size control circuit permits the horizontal size to be adjusted from a remote control board. This circuit is also used to compensate for pincushion distortion and blooming. Anti-blooming is accomplished by correcting horizontal size variations which are caused by the additional load on the flyback transformer under high beam current conditions.

Careful reading of all the information presented in this manual is a good way to learn how to repair the CERONIX monitor.

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