2-30 (A) Timed RF or IF transformer; (B) IF/RF transformer construction; (C) actual trans-former.

was ftsnmujn at ihf beginning o] VVovlct War H ami continued into ihe c<irl\ iransisíor era. The capacha were bniit into the baso of the transformer. ant! the tuning sings were accrued from holes in the top and !>nuoin of the assembly. In general, expect to find the secondary ;U the bottom hole ;tiv.] (ho primary at the lop holes.

Tlit- trim ur/hvrsa! tve and refers to ¿1 <-mas-wjiiding sysiem J hat minimize«; the iiUfM'wiiuling capacitance of the inductor and raises Lhe self-resonant frequency of 1 he inductor (a good thing). An ;Klual example oían RF/IF transformer is shown in Fig, 2-30C. The smaller type tends to bo post-WWII, and the larger type is pro-WWIÍ.

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