Circuit symbols for capacitors

The circuí! symbols used to desúnale fixed-value capacitors are shown m Fig. 2-13A. Both types of symbols are common. In certain ivpes of capacitors, the curved plateshown on the left in Fig. 2 I'ÍA is usually the outer plate (i.e., the one closest to the outside package of the capacitor). This eiui of the capacitor is often indicated by a colored band next to the lead attached to that plate.

The symbol for the variable oapaeiior is shown in Fig. 1M3R. The symbol for variable capacitor is the fixed-value symbol with an arrow through the plates Small trimmer and padder capacitors are often denoted hy fhe symbol in Fig. 2-13C. The variable set of plates is designated by the arrow.



Capacitor symbols. (A) fi\od-vniue; (B) variable: i'C) rriiumer and pftildi'i".

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