Equipment modifications

.Amateurs have a long tradition of modify in,4 commercial equipment. Although many mods are ill-advised, some are certainly won!while and we tb engineered. The process is a lot less dangerous, incidentally, if you m;tke good noics so ihiu the ri^ be restored to original condition if the mod doesn't work oin as cxpi 'Cted. Pot nmsi equipment, the first place lo start- is ensuring thf> |iouvr-supp]y \oltage lo the oscillator is stable. Furthermore, make certain that the printed circuit, its mourning, and tin - individual components are solidly anchored- Finally, ho sure the cimrit is rn>i overheating.

II those methods fail to solve the problem, then and only then should you dive into the circuit t.o attempt temperature compensation. If you have any insight on procedures, techniques, and so forth then please communicate (hem to rue so that they ean be shared with others.

Frequency shift and drift problems are not easily found in many cases. Understanding the causes and potential solutions of ihese problems goes a long way to ward finding the fault in any particular case.

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