[f you make an RF/JF transformer, then there will be two windings. Try to separate the primary and secondary windings if bot h are tuned. If one winding is not tuned, then simply wind it over the "cold" (i.e., ground) end of the timed winding— no separation is needed.

The Amidon coil forms are tight, but they do have sufficient space for very small disk ceramic capacitors inside. The 56-pF capacitors that I selected fit nicely inside the shielded can of the coil, so 1 elected to place it there. Thusf I've Ijasically made a 15-MHz RF/fF transformer.

After constructing the 15-MHz RF coii, I tested it and found that, the slug tuned the coil to 15 MHz with a nice tolerance on either side of the design resonant frequency. It worked.'

Although slug-tuned inductors are sometimes considered a bit beyond the hobbyist or ham, that is not actually true. The Amidon L-series coil forms can easily be used to make almost any inductor that you are likely to need.

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