Highpass filters

A high-pass filter (HF'F) attenuates signal frequencies below the -3-dB cutoff frequency and passes signal frequencies ahove the cutoff frequency.

Single-section high-pass filters are shown in Figs. 23-6A and 23-6B. These are the inverse of the L.PF single-sect ion filters in that the capacitors are in series with the signal path, and the inductors are across the signal path. The version in Fig. 23-6A is the t-filter configuration, and that in Fig. 23-GB is the pi-filter. The values for the components are found in Table 23-3.

Exftmple: Find the component values for a single-section high-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 40 MHz. t fitter (Fig. 23-6A):

TVo »faction high-i»aw> filters are shown in Figs 23-7A (t-filter) and 7B (pi-filter), and the 1-MHz model const ants are shown in TnhU 23-4.

ji ci

23-5 (A) Five-eflemctiL T-aeciion law-pass filter ;md (.11) live-dement, pi-s^ftion liw-pass filter.

Table 23-2. Filter design constants for Fig. 23-5

15.72 10.91

4365 3650

4305 62S7


J2 JUo-

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