How to repair a multimeter

A multimeter is a standard tool which is used for testing voltage of engine or battery power. I used a multimeter for testing battery and engine speed for understanding the requirement.

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What if an electronic multimeter dies? These types of problems may give you a headache as you won’t be able to use it. However, there are a plethora of ways in which the multimeter can be restored.

You can also save your money while repairing at home with easy setup. Let’s get started with some tips and hacks:


Before fixing an electronic multimeter, you need to prepare these before fixing:

  • Extra Fuse
  • Another multimeter
  • Soldering metal
  • Wire
  • Batteries
  • Suitable screwdriver
  • Electronics bond


There are many hacks which will help you in repairing an electronic multimeter. But yeah, you have to follow the exact steps to restore it correctly.

I have experienced some excellent and sour, so I will try to give you steps which are safe to restore. Repairing an old one will save your money as well as your willpower.

Trust me; these steps are easy in use as I’ve tried, and it isn’t harmful or hard to do. However, here are some hacks which will help you in repairing it completely:


Repairing an electronic multimeter require lots of steps. However, the first step is to check the battery. First of all, you’ll need to charge or power electronic multimeter.

While repairing multimeter check the screen if the display is in lousy form or shows the result in a dim display or the display stops working, the problem may be the battery, or you have to insert a new battery.

 If the problem is similar to this, then you have to replace the battery to repair it. It’s effortless to change the battery, and it won’t cost much.

Tip: A tip is to check the voltage before testing the battery to avoid the risk of damages.


There are different types of problem in an electronic multimeter such as display problem or the loose accessories or the probe leads. The next step is to check the probe leads if it’s okay or not.

The probe leads are two types of one is red, and the other is black. If the electronic multimeter is working, but the result isn’t showing, then the problem is with the probe leads.

If you are experiencing the same problem with that, all you need to do is to check the probe leads by adjusting on multimeter while connecting the red one to the black one.

 If the screen shows downbeat result, that means the problem is with the probe leads. You need to replace the probe leads then it will be okay to use.

Tip: Make sure to check the probe leads if it’s broken or loosen or burned before testing with a multimeter for avoiding damages.


One of the common problems on the electronic multimeter is the little tools or accessories losing parts. The parts of multimeter are needed to be adjusted correctly.

Yeah, if the problem is an electronic multimeter doesn’t work, then you have to open the parts of electronic multimeter to check the accessories. And then while you are done opening the multimeter, you have to search if any part is loosening or break.

 If you find any problems with loosening part or accessories are broken then restore it. After replacing parts, you have to set the board and then screw on rightly.

Tip: Make sure to wear some gloves and then open it. Also, don’t forget to clean the parts for better working capacity.


The fuse of an electronic multimeter can be dead or in wrong shapes. For that, you have to check the fuse if it’s alright to use or not. For checking the fuse, you need to open the multimeter and then take away the fuse.

If the fuse is clear just like glass type or the slight wire inside the fuse is burned or in bad shape, you have to check for understanding the damage. If the fuse is blown, then quickly reinstate it.

Tip: Make sure to wear some gloves before removing the fuse as it can be hot, which will damage your skin as well as body parts.


The next step is too resolute the damaged wire if the wire is burned or broken. For checking these types of damages, you have to open the multimeter by a screwdriver and then remove the screw.

After opening the case, you have to check the wire entirely if it’s okay or not. If the wire is burned or broken, then repair those by soldering metal or iron and make new connection points to adjust correctly.

Tip: While creating solder with iron or metal, make sure to wear some gloves and keep some distance for avoiding damages.


The next step is to adjust the loose parts with the screwdriver for fixing the problem. Sometimes if the accessories stay in loosen form, the multimeter doesn’t work perfectly and show nothing but a stopped display.

For that type of problem, you need to adjust the parts by screwdriver while opening the multimeter and then fit parts with it. And then it will work well.

Tip: While adjusting parts clean the case and take a screwdriver which suits with the screw.


Last of all, in every electrical work you will eventually need an electronic multimeter for measuring the voltage or current.

Also, try to follow the safety tips and steps for the better-restoring experience. Always wear some gloves and rubber shoes for avoiding damages on body parts as well as the tools.

If you find yourself interested in buying an electronic multimeter, then check the best multimeter review for better knowledge on buying. You can also watch some trustworthy reviews on a web browser as well as on YouTube.

I hope this guide about how to repair an electronic multimeter helped you to understand the repair system and hope you will try this in practical life. Best of luck!


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