2<M8 Product detector circuit, u>

used in the low-HF region (<10 MHz), 0 001 \t.F can be used up to 100 MHz, and 100 pF above 100 MHz. The RF choke (RFC!) should be 2.5 mH in the low-HF region, 1 mH from about 10 to 30 MHz. 100 piH from 30 to 100 MHz, and IO41H above 100 MHz. These values are not critical and are given only as guidelines. Although it might be a bit t ricky to get a 1 - mH RFC to operate well at 100 MHz, there is no really hard boundary for these bands.

C3 0.1 ulF

CI text)


2M9 Co)tHmic<i


Doubly balanced mixer circuits work better than most other mixer circuits in radio receivers, SSB transmitters/receivers, instrumentation, and measurement situations. They are easy to use in most cases, and, where properly designed into a circuit, they yield good results with minimum effort.


Carr, J. J. (1992). NE-602 Primer, EJektor Electronics, January, pp. 20-25. Makhinson, J. (1993). "A High Dynamic Range MF/HF Receiver Front End,™ QST, February, pp, 23-28.


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