Gain: X20 w/oot C2 X200 w/C2

5-23 (A) LM-386 audio amplifier integrated circuit; (B) LM-3S6 standard circuit.

provide two levels of gain. If capacitor C, is used, then the gain is X2G0, if the capacitor is deleted, the gain is X20. Normally, the gain will he set to X20 in receiver projects unless the design uses little gain ahead of the detector (which might, be the case in the simplest superhets or in direct-conversion designs).

The LM-386 is relatively well-behaved in projects, which means that it takes only ordinary care in layout to achieve good results. It is possible, however, that because of the liigh gain, this IC will oscillate mercilessly if proper layout is not followed. Be sure to keep the inputs and outputs physically separated and dont allow the ground connections to wind all over the wiring board. Also, make sure that the 1 + bjpass capacitor is used, . . and has sufficient value (as shown).

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