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The world is a terrible place for sensitive radio receivers: a lot of pure erud (other than the programming material!) comes over the airwaves from a large variety of electrical and electronic devices. There are also some renegade transmitters out there. For example, ir> the HF shortwave spectrum, you will occasionally hear a "beka-beka-beka" pulsed signal that seems to hop around quite a bit It will set down on your favorite listening frequency and iheu go to another, Unfortunately, the nature of a pulsed signal is to spread out over several megahertz—wiping out large segments of the spectrum. That signal is an over-the-horizon backscatler (OTHB) radar in the USSR called by North American SWLs and liants the "Russian Woodpecker." That's one that we can do little about, unfortunately, so let 's look at some interfering sigiláis that we can affect.

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