Shielding is used to attenuate the interfering fit" signal before ii reaches the protected circuitry. Very frequently, the hidden difference between a higher-priced appliance and a lower-priced offering is in the internal shielding that one gets. For example, consider computer monitors. The princi[>a] difference between a high-priced model and a cheap model is in the shielding that is provided

Unfortunately, all shielded enclosures for electronic projects are not created equal. Some enclosures are butt-fitted and have dimples or notches to hold the half-shells together. The minimum requirement, ┬┐is far as I am concerned, for low-frequency radiation noise is shown in Fig. 15-4A. Note that the flange of the lower half-shell overlaps the upper half-shell by 4 to <i mm (at least ). There are four screws (two shown) to hold the assembly together For high frequencies even this box is insufficient but can be made sufficient by the addition of more screws (Fig, 15-4B),

Counters u> EMI 297

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