Vidocassette recorder I VCR

The VCR is a magnificent entertainmnu product, and 1 own one. But I also own SWL and ham radio receivers, and I can always tell when a popular movie is on TV, Because lots of people videotape the movie (legalities notwithstanding), their VCRs are in operation for a couple of hours at a time. The VCR contains a number of radiation-producing circuits, including a 3-58-MHz color subcarrier oscillator On popular TV nights, I can hear a load of trash around that frequency, which is right in the middle of the 80-m amateur radio band.

TV receivers

The TV set in your home contains at least two major interference producers: the 60-Hz vertical deflection system and the 15,734-kHz horizontal deflection system. The hori2ontal system includes a high-powered amplifier driving a high-voltage "flyback" transformer and a deflection yoke. As you tune up and down the shortwave band, you will hear "birdies" of the horizontal deflection signal every 15,734 kHz; these are the harmonic signals of the TV horizontal signal.

One quick solution to many interference problems from VCRs and TVs is the line-noise filters shown in Fig. 14-3. These "EMI filters" are placed in the power line

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