Optical Parts Disassembly

Fuji S5000 Lens Unit

Before taking this procedure, remove Cabinet Top , Cabinet Front and Main Board following to the Mechanical Disassembly. Disassembly requires a 2.0mm hex wrench. Z Projection lens disassembly Note The optical unit should be removed from the cabinet bottom before removing the projection lens. important notice on LcD Panel Prism Ass'y Replacement LCD panels used for this model can not be replaced separately. Do not disassemble the LCD Panel Prism Ass'y. These LCD panels are installed with...

Lcxb4100 Kl6xb4100

These schematic diagrams and printed wiring board drawings are part of the service manual original for chassis No. KL6-XB4100, model LC-XB41. File with the service manual No. SM5110864-00 All the information of part numbers and values indicated on these diagrams are at the beginning of production. To improve the performance, there may be some differences to the actual set. When you order the service parts, use service parts code mentioned on the parts list in this service manual.


Connect a digital voltmeter to test point TPFANA and chassis ground - . Select group no. 250, item no. 0 and change data value to adjust voltage to be 5.0 0.1V. 3. Connect a digital voltmeter to test point TPFANB and chassis ground - . Select item no. 2 and change data value to adjust voltage to be 5.0 0.1V. 4. Connect a digital voltmeter to test point TPFANC and chassis ground - . Select item no. 4 and change data value to adjust voltage to be 5.0 0.1V. 5. Connect a digital voltmeter to...


Schematic Diagram For Tlp411u Projector

1 Turn the projector on by a state of without FPC cables. 2 Project all of lights on the screen. 3 Adjust the adjustment base of relay lens assy to make color uniformity in white. If the shading appears on the left or right of the screen as shown in Fig.3, loosen 1 screw A, and adjust the slot B to make color uniformity in white by using a slot screwdriver. 4 Tighten the screw A to fix the relay lens unit.

Warning temperature and power failure protection

The projector will be automatically turned off when the internal temperature of the projector is abnormally high, or the cooling fans stop spinning, or the power supplies in the projector are failed. - If the WARNING indicator is flashing, it may detect the abnormal temperature inside the projector. Check the following possible causes and wait until the WARNING indicator stops flashing, and then try to turn on the projector. - If the WARNING indicator lights red, it may defect the cooling fans...

Cleaning the Filter

Filter prevents dust from accumulating on the optical elements inside the projector. Should the filter becomes clogged with dust particles, it will reduce cooling fans' effectiveness and may result in internal heat buildup and adversely affect the life of the projector. If a Filter warning icon appears on the screen, clean the filter immediately. Clean the filter by following the steps below. J Turn off the projector, and unplug the AC power cord from the AC outlet. 2 Turn the projector over...

Thermal switch

Dsc S730 Reset Button

There is the thermal switch SW902 inside of the projector to detect the internal temperature rising abnormally. When the internal temperature reaches near 100 C, the thermal switch opens to stop the operation of the power supply circuit. The thermal switch cannot be reset itself automatically even if the internal temperature becomes normal. Reset the thermal switch following to the below procedure. 1. Insert the sharp tool like a screwdriver into a hole on the cabinet from the cabinet bottom....