Cmi System Service Manual Music Keyboard Service Manual Alphanumeric Keyboard Service Manual Graphics Terminal Maintenance Manual Disk Drive Maintenance Manual

1.1 Card Cage

A 21-slot card cage houses a printed-circuit motherboard carrying edge connectors into which the C.M.I, circuit boards are inserted. The cards can be accessed by hinging down the front panel, and they can removed from the front of the unit without requiring the use of any tools.

1.2 Audio Board

Cables from the front of each channel card connect to the audio board located inside the rear panel of the mainframe. This card supports a variety of audio functions, including balanced line drivers for the eight channels and mixed output.

This card is accessed by removing the four mounting screws securing the rear panel and swinging the panel down. The card itself is held in place by screws. All connections are made by plug-in cables.

1.3 Power Supply

D.C. power is provided by a conventional transformer/rectifier system mounted inside the left-hand end of the card cage. This supplies power for the card cage, audio board, floppy-disk drives, music keyboard and alpha-numeric keyboard.

1.4 Floppy-Disk Drives

Two eight-inch, double sided, double density disk drives are mounted to the right of the card cage. They connect to the power supply via a wiring harness and to the floppy-disk controller card in the card cage via a 50-way ribbon cable.

1.5 External Connections

All external connections are made by means of plug-in cables. The mainframe is normally connected to A.C. mains, Graphics Terminal, Music Keyboard and audio equipment such as monitor speaker or mixing console.

The precise function of each external connection is described under Signal Lists.

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