84 Final Assembly Parts

Rotary Valve Motor

See Table 8-1 and Figure 8-1 for the Final Assembly parts. Top case assembly Fluke 192B, 196B, 196C, 199B, 199C without Keypad set includes large amp small keypad Display unit B W Fluke 192B, 196B, 199B The Display unit does not include the flat cable Flat cable for display unit both versions Unit is provided with sticker 190B C see note 1 below On delivery the Fluke 199C testsoftware is loaded Load appropriate software and type number, then See Section 10.4 for more information. Bottom case...

34 Detailed Circuit Descriptions

Schematic Repair Projector Epson 440

Capacitors of 0 pF, and resistors of 100 MQ shown in circuit diagrams are not placed on the PCA. They are drawn in the circuit diagrams for PCA layout purposes. In the layout design process they create locations on the PCA where capacitors or resistors can be placed. 3.4.1 Scope Channel A - Scope Channel B See circuit diagrams Figure 9-1 and Figure 9-2. As the Scope Channel A and B circuits are identical, a description is given for Scope Channel A only. The Channel A B circuitry is built-up...

To check if the battery has a correct capacity

Do a battery refresh USER, OPTIONS , Battery Refresh 2. Disconnect the BC190 Battery Charger Power Adapter 4. When the battery is discharged the ScopeMeter will shut down. Now connect the BC190, turn the power on and check the length of the TrendPlot trace. For a new battery pack this should be about 4 hours. Depending on the number of applied charge cycles the battery capacity will decrease. If the TrendPlot trace has a length of 3 hours or less you may consider to replace the battery pack.

Battery is discharged when Scope Meter is not used for some time 2 or 3 weeks

Turn the ScopeMeter on (battery power only) 2. Check the voltage across R4101 (near the battery connector) for about 0.15 mV. This corresponds to a current of about 1 mA. Turn the ScopeMeter off and on, and check the voltage again for 0.15 mV. Do this about 10 times. If one or more times a current of about 1.2 mV is measured (8 mA), the cause is a defective IC D3550. This IC takes care of a correct power state of D3500. As the 8 mA discharge current can have damaged the battery, you must check...