Battery is discharged when Scope Meter is not used for some time 2 or 3 weeks

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1. Turn the ScopeMeter on (battery power only)

2. Check the voltage across R4101 (near the battery connector) for about 0.15 mV. This corresponds to a current of about 1 mA. Turn the ScopeMeter off and on, and check the voltage again for 0.15 mV. Do this about 10 times.

If one or more times a current of about 1.2 mV is measured (8 mA), the cause is a defective IC D3550. This IC takes care of a correct power state of D3500. As the 8 mA discharge current can have damaged the battery, you must check the battery capacity as described below.

3. If the current is much higher then 8 mA the cause of the problem is not or is not only

D3550 .

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