52 A1 Led Pca59

Advance Technical Repair of Laptops Motherboard

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5-3. A3 Motherboard PCA 5-17

5-5. A6 Digital Synthesis PCA 5-30

5-6. A7 Current PCA 5-38

5-7. A8 High Voltage PCA 5-54

6-2. A3 Motherboard PCA 6-5

6-4. A6 Digital Synthesis PCA 6-17

6-5. A7 Current PCA 6-26

6-6. A8 High Voltage PCA 6-32

6-7. A9 Out-Guard CPU PCA 6-37


Service Manual

Chapter 1

Introduction and Specifications

Title Page

Introduction 1-3

Service Information 1-3

Accessories 1-4

Low Thermal EMF Test Leads 1-4

Rack Mount Kit 1-4

Shielded IEEE-488 Cables (Y8021, Y8022, and Y8023) 1-4

Contacting Fluke 1-5

Specifications 1-6

General Specifications 1-6

Accuracy Specifications 1-7

DC Voltage Accuracy 1-7

DC Current Accuracy 1-7

Resistance Accuracy 1-7

AC Voltage Accuracy 1-8

AC Voltage Distortion 1-9

AC Current Accuracy 1-10

AC Current Distortion 1-11

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