This chapter explains how to perform the maintenance tasks required to keep your calibrator in optimal operating condition. The tasks covered in this chapter include the following.

• Replacing the fuse

• Cleaning the air filter and external surfaces

• Replacing the PCA modules

To prevent instrument damage, verify that the correct fuse is installed for the line voltage setting.

The line power fuse is accessible on the front panel. The fuse rating label to the right of the fuse holder shows the correct replacement fuse rating for each operating voltage. To check or replace the fuse:

1. Disconnect line power.

2. Insert a small screwdriver in the fuse holder release slot and push upward until the fuse compartment pops free. See Figure 4-1.

3. Slide the fuse and fuse holder out of the fuse compartment.

4. Inspect or replace the fuse.

5. Install the fuse compartment in the calibrator.

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