11 Introduction

The Fluke 45 Dual Display Multimeter (also referred to as "the meter") is a 4-1/2-digit (30,000-count) meter with a 5-digit (100,000-count) high resolution mode designed for bench-top, field service, and system applications. The meter uses a dual vacuum-fluorescent display, allowing for two types of readings from a single input. Primary and secondary displays show the user-defined readings side by side. Even though the readings are made sequentially, the displays show both readings at all times for ease of comparison.

Some features provided by the meter are:

• Computer interface operation via the RS-232 interface (included) or the IEEE-488 interface (optional). The meter is fully programmable for use on the IEEE Standard 488.1 (1987). The meter is also designed in compliance with supplemental standard IEEE-488.2 (1987).

• Frequency measurements to greater than 1 MHz.

• Decibels with variable reference impedance and audio power measurement capability.

• A compare mode to determine if a measurement is within, above, or below a designated range.

• 100,000, 30,000, and 3,000 selectable count resolution, with reading speeds of 2.5, 5, and 20 readings per second (rps), respectively.

• Built-in self-tests with closed-case calibration (no internal adjustments).

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