15 Conventions

Throughout the manual set, certain notational conventions are used. A summary of these conventions follows:

• Instrument Reference

The Fluke 45 Dual Display Multimeter is usually called the "meter."

• Printed Circuit Assembly

The term "pca" is used to represent a printed circuit assembly and its attached parts.

• Signal Logic Polarity

On schematic diagrams, a signal name followed by a "*" is active (or asserted) low. Signals not so marked are active high.

• Circuit Nodes

Individual pins or connections on a component are specified with a dash (-) following the component reference designator. For example, pin 19 of U30 would be U30-19.

• User Notation

For front panel operation,

XXX An uppercase word or symbol without parentheses indicates a button to be pressed by the user. Buttons can be pressed in four ways:

1. Press a single button to select a function or operation.

2. Press a combination of buttons, one after the other.

3. Press and hold down a button, then press another button.

4. Press multiple buttons simultaneously.

For computer interface operation,

XXX An uppercase word without parentheses identifies a command by name.

<XXX> Angle brackets around all uppercase letters mean press the <XXX> key.

(xxx) When associated with a keyword, a lowercase word in parentheses indicates an input required by the user.

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