219 Input Protection

Input protection safeguards the meter against a number of over-voltage and over-current conditions. The various input protection schemes are as follows:

• In the Voltage mode of operation, MOVs A1RV1, A1RV2 and A1RV3 clamp input voltage transients to about 1800 volts, and A1R5, A1RT1 and A1R6 limit the current. In this mode, A1R7 and the 10-MW resistor in A1Z1 protect A1U1.

• In the Ohms and Diode Test modes, A1Q1 clamps voltage inputs of both polarities, and A1R5 and thermistor A1RT1 limit the overload current. With large overloads, A1RT1 heats up and increases in resistance. Components A1R9 and A1Z1 protect A1U1.

• The [100 mA] input is protected by fuses F1 and F5. With this input, A1R4 protects A1U1.

• The [10 A] input is protected by fuse A1F2, with A1R8 protecting A1U1.

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