233 Serial Communication Guard Crossing

The Microprocessor communicates with the Analog Measurement Processor using this isolated two-wire, full-duplex asynchronous interface circuit.

When the Microprocessor is transmitting to the Analog Measurement Processor, the transmit data bits appear at A1U6-11, which drives the combination of AQ19, A1R33 and A1U3-1. The optocoupler A1U3 then optically transfers this information to its output circuit, comprised of A1U3-7, A1R30, A1R28 and A1R27. The transmitted data is then presented to A1TP4 and A1U1-40.

When the Analog Measurement Processor is transmitting data back to the Microprocessor, the data bits appear at A1U1-39, which drives the input of a Darlington driver A1U2-1. The Darlington driver output then drives A1R29 and A1U4-1 to transfer the information to the output of the optocoupler at A1U4-7. Resistors A1R32 and A1R34 complete the optocoupler output circuit. Data is then routed to A1TP7 and A1U6-10 on the Microprocessor.

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