319 Remove the IEEE488 Option

Chapter 8 of this manual provides a detailed removal procedure for the IEEE-488 option. The following removal instructions provide the essentials of this procedure. If necessary, refer to the complete procedure in Chapter 8, paying particular attention to Figures 8-2 and 8-3.

1. Use needle nose pliers to disconnect the 24-line cable assembly at the IEEE-488 PCA. Alternately pull on each end of the cable connector.

2. Remove the panhead Phillips screw at the rear of the IEEE-488 PCA.

3. Use needle nose pliers to detach the two ribbon cables at the front of the IEEE-488 PCA. Alternately pull on each end of the cable connector. Do not remove these cables at their Main PCA connections.


The IEEE-488 ribbon cables are not interchangeable with the Display Assembly ribbon cable. Connectors on these cables are aligned differently, allowing for proper cable routing.

4. Remove the IEEE-488 PCA, disengaging the board from both the small slot in the side of the meter chassis and the plastic standoff at the front corner of the board.

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