320 Remove the Main PCA

With the IEEE-488 option and the Display Assembly removed, the Main PCA can be removed with the following procedure:

1. Remove the power switch activator rod ("E" in Figure 3-5) from the bottom of the Main PCA.

2. Detach the transformer connector (right rear corner of the Main PCA, "F" in Figure 3-5) and the RS-232 connector (center of the Main PCA, "G" in Figure 3-5.) If the Battery Option is installed, detach its connector at the center-rear of the Main PCA.

3. Now remove the securing screw (near the battery connector, "H" in Figure 3-5), and slide the Main PCA forward. Match the pca edge indentations to the guide tabs on each chassis side, then lift the Main PCA up and away from the chassis.

To remove the transformer insulator (center rear of the Main PCA, "I" in Figure 3-5), detach the two tabs and pull up.

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