330 Install the Main PCA

1. Prior to installing the Main PCA, verify the following:

• If necessary, reinstall the transformer insulator ("I"), tabs down, around the right side of the transformer. Once the insulator is in place, pull each tab through the Main PCA from bottom side with a needle nose pliers.

• If the nylon standoff ("L") used between the Main PCA and the metallic shield surrounding the Analog Measurement Processor has been removed, verify that proper orientation is maintained during installation. The standoff end with the shorter, beveled indent fits into the metallic shield. Press the standoff end with the wider, straighter indent into the Main PCA with a 3/16 nut driver.

2. Ensure that the nylon standoff support (front-center of the Main PCA) is in place. Then slide the Main PCA onto the chassis slider taps.

3. Fasten the Main PCA to the chassis with a 6-32, 1/4-inch panhead screw ("H").

4. Connect the transformer cable ("F") and RS-232 cable ("G") at the Main PCA.

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