332 Assemble the Front Panel Assembly

As appropriate, use the following steps to assemble the Front Panel Assembly.

1. Clean the lens ("D") with deionized air and, if necessary, isopropyl alcohol. Then gently snap the lens into the front panel tabs.

2. Install the elastomeric keypad assembly ("C"). Make sure that the four front panel guide pins protrude through the keypad.

3. On the Display PCA, clean the display with deionized air and, if necessary, isopropyl alcohol.

4. Slide the Display PCA into the bottom securing tabs on the back of the Front Panel Assembly. Then gently snap the pca into the remaining tabs along its periphery.


The Display PCA provides a space for a center securing screw. If the peripheral tabs are intact, this screw is not necessary. If some of the tabs are broken, the screw can be used as an additional securing device.

5. Connect the 20-pin cable connector ("A") to the Display PCA.

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