44 Front Panel Calibration

The Fluke 45 features closed-case calibration using known reference sources. The multimeter automatically prompts you for the required reference sources, measures them, calculates correction factors, and stores the correction factors in the nonvolatile calibration memory.

Closed-case calibration has many advantages. There are no parts to disassemble, no mechanical adjustments to make, and the Fluke 45 can be calibrated by an automated instrumentation system.

The Fluke 45 should normally be calibrated on a regular cycle, typically every 180 days or 1 year. The chosen calibration cycle depends on the accuracy specification you wish to maintain. The Fluke 45 should also be calibrated if it fails the performance test or has undergone repair. To meet the specifications in Chapter 1, the Fluke 45 should be calibrated with equipment meeting the minimum specifications given in Table 4-1.

The following paragraphs first present a basic calibration procedure for use with front panel control. This is followed by a description of editing prompts for different calibration points, then by a description of calibration using the IEEE-488 or RS-232 computer interface.

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