45 Introduction

The basic calibration consists of sets of steps for DC Volts, AC Volts, DC and AC Milliamps, DC and AC Amps, Ohms, Continuity/Hysteresis Threshold, and Frequency. Normally, it is recommended that the entire calibration procedure be performed. However, it is possible to calibrate any function individually. This might be useful during troubleshooting, when looking for a problem in a specific function. Whenever the VDC function is calibrated, the entire calibration procedure for all functions should be performed. Any function except VDC can be calibrated independently without affecting calibration of another function.

If calibration of any function is discontinued prior to completion, no changes are made to nonvolatile calibration memory for that function.

Some calibration steps take longer to execute than others. When the Fluke 45 is executing a calibration step, it ignores all of the front panel buttons and postpones execution of all computer interface commands.

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