48 DC Volts Calibration Front Panel

To perform VDC calibration, proceed as follows:

1. Press the Cal Enable button for 3 seconds to enter the calibration mode. Or, if the meter is already in calibration mode, but set for a different type of calibration, press the button to return to VDC calibration.

2. Press the button to select the first prompt (0.000 mV DC) for the VDC function.

3. Apply a shorting bar to the V and COM inputs of the meter and allow 5 seconds for meter settling.


After voltage is applied to the VH^^ input, the meter can take up to 4

minutes to settle to zero within one microvolt once the voltage is removed. For this reason, no voltage should be applied to the input for 4 minutes before doing zero mV cal.

4. Push the (auto) button to calibrate the meter zero mV calibration point.

5. Remove the short and connect the dc volts source to the VH^^ and COM inputs of the meter.

6. Complete calibration steps 2 through 10 in Table 4-5.

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