518 Calibration Related Components

Measurement function calibration depends on various combinations of components in and around the Analog Measurement Processor. The major components are:

• Rms Converter A1A1

• Shunt Resistors A1R2, A1R3

• Zener Reference A1VR1

• Divider Network (DC/Ohms) A1Z1

• Integrate Resistors, Reference Divider A1Z3

• AC Divider Network A1Z2

• Rms Converter Network A1Z4

Calibration of the Fluke 45 utilizes a building block approach; individual components are calibrated separately and the appropriate calibration building blocks are assembled later for correction of any particular measurement function, range, and rate. Calibration steps are grouped by function, with dc volts being first.

Therefore, the calibration constants are partitioned to allow for some independence in the correction of the various measurement functions. For example, if the zener reference and divider needed replacing, it would be necessary to recalibrate dc volts only; ac volts would not be affected. Table 5-6 identifies components that are unique to each calibration step. Table 5-7 provides a different approach, relating components that are common to a group of calibration steps.

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