Figure 5-4. 5500A Scope Output to Input A

3. Set the 5500A to source a 1V, 1 MHz fast rising (rise time < 1 ns) square wave (SCOPE output, MODE edge).

4. Set the 5500A to operate (OPR).

5. Press I 1 to start the calibration.

The Delta T gain, Trigger Delay (CL0720), and Pulse Adjust Input A (CL0640) will be calibrated.

(For firmware V01.00 CL0640 is a separate step!).

6. Wait until the display shows Pulse Adj A (CL 0640):READY.

(For firmware V01.00 wait until the display shows Delay (CL 0720):READY

7. When you are finished, set the 5500A to Standby.

8. Continue at Section 5.6.4.

(For firmware V01.00 continue at Section 5.6.3).

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