2 Product Safety Notice

Many electrical and mechanical parts in the appliance have special safety related characteristics. These are often not evident from visual inspection nor the protection afforded by them necessarily can be obtained by using replacement components rated for voltage, wattage, etc. Replacement parts which have these special safety characteristics are identified in this Service Manual. Electrical components having such features are identified by marking with a on the schematics and on the parts list...

32 Test Equipment

The following power meter manufactured by Advantest Corporation, LEADER Corporation or equivalent TQ8210 + TQ82017 (Advantest Corporation) TQ8215 + TQ82021 (Advantest Corporation) TQ8215 + TQ82010 + TQ82017 (Advantest Corporation) LE8010 (LEADER Corporation) For adjustment, set the unit to the Test Mode. Referring to the Fig. 1 on the right, turn on the unit with the Test Mode short-circuit pattern on the FUNCTION PCB Ass'y to enter the Test Mode. In the Test Mode, all the displays (FL, LEDs)...

Danger Laser Radiation When Open Avoid Direct Exposure To Beam

(1) Check that CD is displayed on the FL display. If CD-R or CD-RW is displayed, press the STOP button repeatedly until CD is displayed. (2) Press the RECORD button. The LED for confirmation of LD emission will light in orange. (3) Press the REC MUTE button. The LED for confirmation of LD emission will light in red. The LD is emitting in this status. (4) Turn VR101 clockwise until the adjustment value to be reached is obtained. (5) Press the STOP button to shut off the LD.


Play, Pause, REC (Rec), RPT-1 (Repeat, 1-Repeat), AUTO TRACK (Auto Track No.), PGM (Program), FADER (Fader), SKIP ON (Skip ON OFF), 32 44 48 (Input sampling frequency), SYNC (Digital Synchronous Recording), Track number, Level meter, Elapsed playback time, Remaining playback time, Total remaining playback time, Total playback time, Elapsed recording time, Remaining recording time, Total recording time RCA pin (27 kQ or more) Balanced XLR-3 (10 kQ) RCA pin (1 kQ) Balanced XLR-3 (1 kQ or less)...

Leakage Current Check

Measure leakage current to a known earth ground (water pipe, conduit, etc.) by connecting a leakage current tester such as Simpson Model 229-2 or equivalent between the earth ground and all exposed metal parts of the appliance (input output terminals, screw heads, metal overlays, control shaft, etc.). Plug the AC line cord of the appliance directly into a 120V AC 60Hz outlet and turn the AC power switch on. Any current measured must not exceed 0.5mA.

Risk Of Electric Shock Do Not Open

TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK, MATCH WIDE BLADE OF PLUG TO WIDE SLOT, FULLY INSERT. POUR VITER LES CHOCS LECTRIQUES, INTRODUIRE LA LAME LA PLUS LARGE DE LA FICHE DANS LA BORNE CORRESPONDANTE DE LA PRISE ET POUSSER JUSQU' AU FOND. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS...


(C) Total recording time (3 min. 50 sec. of 2-track recording ) Remaining recording time (56 min. 10 sec. remaining on the disc) (A Elapsed playing time (2 min. 16 sec. after the start of track No. 1) (D) Total playing time (60 min. 0 sec. for 8 tracks) Remaining playing time of track being played (3 min. 20 sec. remaining for track No.1)

Table Of Contents

CONTROLS, INDICATORS & CONNECTORS 9 3. ADJUSTMENT 4. ASSEMBLING & DISASSEMBLING 19 5. EXPLODED VIEW, PCB ASSEMBLY & PARTS LIST 25 6. CIRCUIT 7. GENERAL * Adjusting procedures, assembling & disassembling, exploded view, PCB assembly, parts list, circuit diagrams and general information are given in this manual to assist the service technician in maintaining the Model CR300.


NOTE Perform the adjustment in STOP mode. This adjustment is possible with the low-pass filter used in adjustment 5 above attached. 3-5-4. Focus Bias Adjustment Test Point CN354 - pin 1 (RF) Adjustment Point DIGITAL SYNCHRO, RECORD and REC MUTE buttons Adjustment Value Adjust until the RF jitter is minimal or that the eye pattern of the RF waveform is most open. Procedure (1) Press the DIGITAL SYNCHRO button in Stop mode. NOTE Make sure that the unit is in Stop mode. (2) Check that 48 appears...

Safety Instructions

Read instructions - All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the appliance is operated. 2. Retain instructions - The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. 3. Heed warnings - All warnings on the appliance and in the operating instructions should be adhered to. 4. Follow instructions - All operating and use instructions should be followed. 5. Water and Moisture - The appliance should not be used near water - for example, near a...