The VM200 starts transferring the program data from the EPROM into the flash ROM on the MAIN PCB. The following is the LCD display while updating the software inside the flash ROM. After transferring the software is completed, the following is displayed on the LCD display. ** Flash ROM Utility. ** Program Complete. Hit ENTER key. 5) Press the ENTER key. The following is displayed on the LCD display. Utility Mode Execute by ENTER key. Utility Mode Execute by ENTER key.

3 Software Update

In order to update the VM200 software, the ROM CARD PCB P N 8274219000 must be required. Mount the updated software 2 pcs. EPROMs into the EPROM sockets U1 and U2 on the PCB. When updating the software, make sure that the switch SW1 on the ROM CARD PCB is set to EPROM side. 1 Loosen 4 x screws BBT3 x 8 BZn and remove 2 pcs. ROM Cover P N 8221142000 on the VM200 bottom panel. 2 Plug the ROM CARD PCB into the J18 connector on the MAIN PCB Assy. When plugging the ROM CARD PCB, check if the EPROMs...


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