11 Description

1-2. The <$> Model 140A (Figure 1-1) is a general purpose plug-in oscilloscope. The deflection amplifiers are contained within the plug-in units, which operate directly into the cathode-ray tube. Thus the characteristics of the oscilloscope are dependent upon the plug-ins used. Presently available plug-ins make possible high-sensitivity, wide bandwidth, and single, dual, or four-trace measurements, in combination with normal, single, or delayed sweeps. Double-size plug-ins also are available for special applications such as time domain reflectometry.

1-3. The Model 140A provides power for the plugins, as well as line-frequency square-wave calibrating voltages of 10 volts and 1 volt peak-to-peak, which are available on the front panel of the Model 140A. The primary power switch and all CRT controls are on the Model 140A front panel, and the terminals and switch for Z-axis modulation are on the rear panel.

1-4. The Model 140A uses an internal graticule CRT which eliminates parallax error in observing the display. The CRT is equipped with a nonglare safety face plate.

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