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1-8. Some of the plug-ins available for the Model 140A Oscilloscope are listed in Table 1-2. The Model 140A normally is used with an amplifier plug-in in the lower compartment and a sweep plugin in the upper compartment. The plug-in in the lower compartment produces vertical deflection, and the plug-in in the upper compartment produces horizontal deflection. All ($ Model 1400-series plug-ins can be used with the Model 140A Oscilloscope. Plug-in model numbers are grouped according to function:

Models 1400 to 1414 . . Plug-ins normally used

for vertical deflection

Models 1415 to 1419 Double or full sized


Models 1420 to 1424 . . Plug-ins normally used for horizontal deflection

Tube Oscilloscope
Figure 1-1. Model 140A Oscilloscope with Model 1400A Amplifier and Model 1420A Time Base Plug-In Units
Table 1-2. Plug-Ins for Model 140A Oscilloscope *

<$ Model




Differential Amplifier

100 jitv/cm to 20 v/cm sensitivity; DC to 400 kc bandwidth


Dual Trace Amplifier

Dual trace and differential display; 1 mv/cm to 10 v/cm sensitivity; DC to 450 kc bandwidth

140 2A

Dual Trace Amplifier

Dual trace and differential display; 5 mv/cm to 10 v/cm sensitivity; DC to 20 Mc bandwidth


AC Differential Amplifier

10 juv/cm to 0.1 v/cm sensitivity; 0.1 cps to 400 kc bandwidth; variable bandwidth limits


Time Domain Reflectometer

Double-sized plug-in for time domain reflectometry. Includes pulse generator, vertical sampling, and time base functions. System risetime less than 0.1 nanosecond; reflection coefficients of .001 can be observed.

14 20A

Time Base

Sweep ranges from 0.5 ¡j.sec/cm to 5 sec/cm; X10 magnifier expands fastest sweep to 50 nsec/cm. Single sweep and external horizontal input functions provided. Internal or external triggering to greater than 10 Mc.


Time Base and Delay Generator

Both Normal and Delaying sweeps from 0.1 ¡usec/cm to 1 sec/cm; X5 magnifier expands fastest sweep to 20 nsec/cm; internal or external triggering to greater than 20 Mc. Delay time continuously variable from 0.1 /j.sec to 10 sec. Delay functions: Normal sweep; Mixed sweep; Intensified: triggered or armed; Delayed: triggered or armed.

* Check latest literature for additional new plug-ins.

1-9. Arrangements of plug-ins can be chosen to suit any special application. Amplifier and sweep plugins can be reversed so that the amplifier produces horizontal deflection and the sweep runs vertically. (When used this way the beam will not be blanked on the sweep retrace.) An amplifier plug-in can be used in each compartment to make X-Y measurements. Double sized plug-ins, such as the Model 1415A, are inserted into the oscilloscope after removing the divider shield between upper and lower compartments.

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