220 Installation Of Amber Filter

2-21. An amber filter {($ Stock No. 120A-83A) is supplied with oscilloscopes which have a CRT with type P7 phosphor. This filter improves the visibility of displays such as single-shot or very low frequency phenomena. The filter improves the long persistency characteristics of the trace when making visual observations of this type of display. To install the filter:

a. Remove front panel CRT bezel.

b. Set filter into bezel, aligning larger rectangular slots in edge of filter with guide metal posts of bezel casting.

c. Loosen clamp at socket of CRT.

d. Carefully push CRT toward rear of the instrument to provide clearance for thickness of installed filter (about 1/8 inch).

e. Replace bezel.

f. Slide CRT forward until light mask on front of CRT just lightly touches filter.

g. Tighten clamp just enough to keep CRT from turning.

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