24 Power Requirements

2-5. The Model 140A requires a power source of 115 or 230 volts ±10%, single phase, 50 to 60 cps, which can deliver approximately 300 watts.


Be sure to set the 115-230 volt switch for the line voltage to be used. The power supplies may be damaged if this switch is set to the wrong position.


2-7. If the instrument is to be operated from a 230-volt source, set the switch on the rear of the instrument to 230. The line fuse, located behind the rear panel, is accessible by removing the bottom cover, and should be replaced with a 2-amp slow-blow fuse (supplied). (A 4-amp slow-blow fuse is used with 115-volt operation.)


2-9. To protect operating personnel, the National Electrical Ma. :facturers' Association (NEMA) recommends that the instrument panel and cabinet be grounded. This instrument is equipped with a three-conductor power cable which, when plugged into an appropriate receptacle, grounds the instrument. The offset pin on the power cable three-prong connector is the ground pin. To preserve the protection feature when operating the instrument from a two-contact outlet, use a three-prong to two-prong adapter and connect the green pigtail to ground.

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