56 Adjustments

5-7. The following paragraphs (5-11 through 5-17) give a complete adjustment procedure for the Model 140A Oscilloscope. A condensed procedure is given in Table 5-3. If difficulty is encountered in making any adjustment, refer to Paragraph 5-18 for troubleshooting procedures.

5-8. EQUIPMENT NEEDED FOR ADJUSTMENTS. Test equipment recommended for the adjustment procedure is listed in Table 5-1. Similar instruments having the listed characteristics may be substituted.

5-9. LOCATION OF ADJUSTMENTS. Figure 5-2 shows the location of all internal adjustments in the Model 140A.

5-10. PRELIMINARY PROCEDURE. Plug-ins must be installed in both compartments whenever power supply voltage measurements are made; proper regulation may not occur if insufficient loading is provided. Set line voltage to 115 volts (230 volts if the 115/230 volt switch is in the 230-volt position).

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