120v Ac

1. Set the variable AC supply to 0 volts

2. Connect the power cord between the supply and the DC-1.

3. Turn the DC-1 rear panel Power switch ON and slowly bring up the voltage to 120VAC. The current should not exceed 0.3 Amps for 100/120V testing (0.15Amps for 220/240V) . If the unit draws excessive current, turn the DC-1 off and check the supply rails for shorts.

4. Use a DMM to measure all the power supply rails by using the DC-1 chassis ground as the 0VDC reference. Verify that all voltages are within the tolerance range shown below.

Turn the DC-1 rear panel Power switch OFF. Locate C280 (at the right of SRAM Battery Test U62 on the right side of the main board) and verify that the voltage at the rear side of C280 to chassis ground is >2.50 VDC.

Main Board

SuddIv Rail




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