Test point right side of board

Power Supply

Required Equipment

Clean, antistatic, well lit work area

Variable AC supply, 2 amp minimum.

Digital Multimeter (DMM) 3.5 digit, 0.5%, or better, accuracy

Power Control Trigger Outputs

Two trigger outputs are available on the rear panel 5-pin DIN connector labeled PWR CTL. The Remote Power Control Trigger is high wheneverthe DC-1 ¡son. This trigger goes low in Standby, or off. The Remote Aux Control Trigger may be assigned to be activated for specific inputs, or it may be controlled via the remote control by holding down ACCY while pressing BAL ▲ (on) or Bal ▼ (off). Each trigger output can be independently configured for+12V or +5V operation.

Trigger Output

Pin #



Remote Power Control

0 0

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