Record Output Disabled

To assign a different input via the front panel, simultaneously press REC/ZONE 2 and the desired input selector. To change the input assignment via the remote, first de-assign the current input by holding down the RECORD/ZONE 2 key, then press the desired input selector. This will change the input assignment for the Main outputs. Assign this new input to the Record/Zone 2 outputs by pressing and holding RECORD/ZONE 2.

As protection against feedback, the TAPE and VCR1 inputs are normally blocked from being used as sources for the Record and Zone 2 outputs. This default condition can be changed in the Setup menu.

Zone 2 Remote Control

The remote control can be placed into an exclusive Record/Zone 2 control mode during normal operation by holding down ACCY while pressing RECORD/ ZONE 2. This will display the message:

0 0

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