1) Focus Error Signal > (A+C)-(B+D) This signal is generated in RF IC (IC121 AN22113A) and controls the pick-up's up and down to focus on Disc. 2) Tracking Error Signal (DPP Method) > (A+D)-(B+C) - k x (EF1+EF4mEF2+EF3) This signal is generated in RF IC (IC121 AN22113A) and controls the pick-up's left and right shift to find to track on Disc. This signal is converted to DATA signal in DSP IC (IC201 MN103SA6G).

1 System Requirements

-CPU IBM Compatible Pentium4 1.6GHz (or faster) (For High speed, 2GHz or faster recommended.) -128MB Memory or greater SUPPORTING OPERATING SYSTEM Window 98 Second Edition (Not supported in LightScribe) Windows Millennium Edition(Me) (Not supported in LightScribe) Window 2000 Professional Window XP Home Edition, Professional

2 General Description

DVD DVD-ROM 4.7GB (Single Layer) 8.5GB (Dual Layer) DVD-R 3.95GB (Ver.1.0 read only) 4.7GB (Ver.2.0 for Authoring read only) 4.7GB (Ver.2.0 for General read & write) DVD-RW 4.7GB (Ver.1.1) DVD+R 4.7GB DVD+R DL 8.5GB DVD+RW 4.7GB CD CD-ROM Mode-1 data disc CD-ROM XA, CD-I, Photo-CD Multi-Session, Video CD CD-Audio Disc Mixed mode CD-ROM disc (data and audio) CD-Extra CD-Text CD-R (Conforming to Orange Book Part2 read & write) CD-RW (Conforming to Orange Book Part3 read & write) 2.2 Disc...


> Inner Disc Test Zone for performing OPC procedures. > Inner Disc Count Zone for counting the number of OPC algorithm performed in IDT Zone. > Outer Disc Test Zone for performing OPC procedures. > Outer Disc Count Zone for counting the number of OPC algorithm performed in IDT Zone. Screen Printed Imaging Layer Clear Protective Coating Reflective Thermal Layer Dye Data Layer


Select ALPC OPC on the menu bar, and then select Setup Laser Power(Manual) menu. 3. First, select CD and setup wave length of LD Power meter (780nm) (Wave Length CD(780nm), DVD(660nm), Measure Range 0.01mW unit). 4. Click VRDC button on the Laser Power Setup window. Laser beam will be emitted from LD. 5. Measure LD Power with LD Power meter. Type the result in the blank(Read Power box). ex) 1.44mW -> 144, 0.99mW -> 99) 6. Click NMP button and measure LD Power with Power meter. Type the...

3 Drive Performance

3.2 Read Write & Rotational speed < Read> CD-R ROM, data CD-I 17x 40x (CAV), Approx. 8,100r min 32x (CAV), Approx. 6,500 r min CD-DA 40x (CAV), Approx. 8,100 r min CD-DA (Audio out) VideoCD 6x 15x (CAV), Approx. 3,130 r min DVD-ROM Single layer 6.7x 16x (CAV), Approx. 9,420 r min Dual layer 3.3x 8x (CAV), Approx. 5,180 r min 10x (CAV), Approx. 5,950 r min 4.7GB 4.2x 10x (CAV), Approx. 5,950 r min 8x (CAV), Approx. 4,720 r min 10x (CAV), Approx. 5,950 r min DVD+R 8x (CAV), Approx. 4,720r...


2) ROPC (Running Optimum Power Control) Variable primary factor of Optimum Power - Change of Power sensitivity on the Disc. (limited to 0.05 *Po) - Wavelength shift of the laser diode due to the operating temperature change. - Change of the Spot aberration due to the Disc skew, Substrate thickness, Defocus. - Change of Disc or Optics conditions due to the long term OPC mdtert reading piilse > It is necessary to adjust continuously to obtain the Optimum Power. Principle of Running OPC Sampled...


Recording Capacity of CD-R RW (74Minute Recording media) (2048 Byte Sector) X (75 Sector Second) X (60 Second Minute) X 74 Minute 681,984,000 Bytes 682 Mbytes But the actual recording capacity is about 650 Mbytes. (according to the ISO 9660 standard, approximately 30 Mbytes are used to make directory structure and volume names.) The differences of DVD-R RW, DVD+R RW discs and DVD-ROM


Copy Protection and Regional Code Management Block Block Diagram - DVD-ROM drive transfers the regional code of the control data to host by the command of host, the DVD player of host reads the regional code, and plays title in the case of allowed regional code only. 2. Management of DVD Disc for the scrambled of data (1) DVD-ROM and DVD player of host generate the KEY 1 respectively, transfer to opposite part, the KEY 2 is received, recognizes the data transfer or not with this value, and...


Adhesive layer * Protective layer Adhesive layer * Protective layer Recording is done by changing the organic dye layer and the substrate with a laser when a strong is applied to a disc, the temperature of the ortanic dye material goes up, the dye is decomposed and the substrate changes at the same time. At this time, a durable bit is created as is the case with a CD-ROM. Signals are read with the differences of the reflection of a laser from pits. 3) Recording format using phase-change...


Protective layer Reflective layer Recording layer (Phase change material) Dielectric layer Protective layer Reflective layer Recording layer (Phase change material) Dielectric layer Recording layer (Phase change material) Dielectric layer Recording layer (Phase change material) Dielectric layer When a high-power laser is applied to the recording material, it melts and then becomes amorphous with a low reflection coefficient when it quickly cools off. When a mid-power laser is applied to heat...


Front light system reference level input pin I Input pin O Output pin I O I O pin PS Power supply Ground pin N.C Non Connection IC201 (MN103SA6G) Encoder, Decoder & DSP Singal Processor Pin Assigment BSMD NBSMD PKMD NPKMD PK2MD MPK2MD PK3MD NPK3MD AVDD33D2 LOUT ROUT AVSSD2 RV1 VREFH AVDD33D1 CPOP5 CPOP4 CPOP3 CPOP2 CPOP1 AVSSD1 SE01 SE02 AVSSA AIDENV WBLDIF AVDD33A REFMDLA REFTOP REFBTM REGDRC EQOUTN EQOUTP AVDD33DRC CDA1 AVSSDRC P02 FMSW PO3 WTGT WBL FEPIDGT SH5 WIDGT SH3 SH2 SH1 TC


Less than 50dB, A scale, at 0.5 m away from the drive Note 1. Disc Less than unbalance 0.3 x10-4 Nm 3. Ambient temperature Normal temperature 4. Except loading, unloading and seek External dimensions (W x H xD) 146x41.3x184.7mm Front bezel (WxHxD) 148x42x5 mm 9. Mass * Please Contact the friendly staff of LG Service Care at Website http www.LGEservice.com


Release 4 screws A and remove the Bottom Chassis in the direction of arrow 1 . See Fig.1-1 A. Insert and press a rod in the Emergency Eject Hole and then the CD Tray will open in the direction of arrow 2 . B. Remove the Tray Door in the direction of arrow 3 by pushing the stoppers forward. C. Release 3 stoppers and remove the Front Bezel Assy. A. Remove the Cabinet in the direction of arrow 4 . See Fig. 1-3 B. When the CD tray has been opened completely, lift 2 points a and remove the CD...

Description Of Circuit

Laserdiod Gwa 4164b

ALPC Automatic Laser Power Control Circuit 1-1. Block Diagram 1-2. ALPC Automatic Laser Power Control Circuit Operation The ALPC block detects the laser output power of the front monitor. The power signal detected with the PD for front monitor detection is input the voltage from the VPD pin 123Pin or the FPDM pin 127Pin , the reference signal of the input signal is input from the VREFPD pin 124Pin . The ALPC block generates the singals from the input laser power signals in the following...


Gwa 4166b Jumper

Connects to the power supply 5-and 12-V DC of the host computer. NOTE Be careful to connect with the proper polarity. Connecting the wrong way may damage the system and is not guaranteed . Usually this connector can only be attached one-way. Connect to the IDE Integrated Device Electronics Interface using a 40-pin flat IDE cable. NOTE Do not connect or disconnect the cable when the power is on, as this could cause a short circuit and damage the system. Always turn the power OFF when connecting...


1 Wobble CLV 4x, 10x, 16x, 24x, 32x, 40x Blank area in CD-R, CD-RW 2 Wobble CLV 1x, 2x, 2.4x, 4x, 8x Blank area in DVD -R RW 3 CD 15x CAV Video CD, CD-DA Audio out 4 CD 32x CAV CD-RW, CD-DA DAE 6 DVD 8x CAV Single Layer DVD-ROM Movie , Dual Layer DVD-ROM, DVD RW, DVD-RW, DVD R Double Layer 6 DVD 16x CAV Single layer DVD-ROM Data -Spindle Servo is controlled by IC201 MN103SA6G and servo signal is output via SP-DRV Pin70 . 3-3. Spindle Servo Process using the LightScribe