DISASSEMBLY 1-1. Bottom Chassis

A. Release 4 screws (A) and remove the Bottom Chassis in the direction of arrow (1). (See Fig.1-1)

1-2. Front Bezel Assy

A. Insert and press a rod in the Emergency Eject Hole and then the CD Tray will open in the direction of arrow (2).

B. Remove the Tray Door in the direction of arrow (3) by pushing the stoppers forward.

C. Release 3 stoppers and remove the Front Bezel Assy.

1-3. Cabinet and Main Circuit Board

A. Remove the Cabinet in the direction of arrow (4). (See Fig. 1-3)

B. When the CD tray has been opened completely, lift 2 points (a) and remove the CD tray while drawing out simultaneously.

C. Remove the Soldering of the LD- and LD+ (b) for the Loading Motor, and then remove the Main Circuit Board.

D. At this time, be careful not to damage the 5 connectors of the Main Circuit Board.

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