951 Keyboard Tuning

1. The keyboard has two adjustments to be made. The scale adjustment adjusts the current source so that the total drop across the resistor string is 5.000 volts. The range adjustment fixes the lowest key at zero volts. Adjustments are made with the external range and scale controls on the five mark.

2. Adjust the range setting with the trimpot. If adjustment cannot be made within the range of the trimpot, it may be necessary to short one or both of the two resistors in series with it.

3. Adjust the scale trimmer so that the keyboard spans five volts. If zero shifts, for example to .04, then adjust the top for 5.04. That is, always adjust for a five volt span.

4. Now readjust range trim so that first key is zero. Check to see that scale still gives 0 to 5.000 volts.

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