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The foldout graphics referenced throughout the Technical Supplement text are as follows:

Figure 9-8: LED Drive Circuit

Figure 9-10: N-20PA HSO Timing Diagram

Figure 9-13: AC Variable Gain Control Circuit

Figure 9-15: CPU Circuit

Figure 9-20: Output Port Circuit

Figure 9-23: Display Control Circuit

Figure 9-25: Power Supply Circuit

Figure 9-26: Power Control Circuit

Figure 9-32: Printer Interface Circuit

Figure 9-33: Printer Flex Circuit

Figure 9-34: N-20PA Main PCB Schematic Diagram

Figure 9-35: N-20PA Auxiliary PCB Schematic Diagram

Figure 9-36: N-20PA Flex Circuit Schematic Diagram

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Pulse Oximeter Circuit Schematic

Figure 9-8 LED Drive Circuit

Circuits Diagram Oximeter Multisim

Figure 9-10 N-20PA HSO Timing Diagram

Pulse Oximeter Diagram
Figure 9-13 AC Variable Gain Control Circuit


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