05 V [rms Variable Audio Out

(Monitor output/stereo compatible) 0 V [rms] - 2.0 V [rms] (variable) SERIAL: DIN 8-pin RS-232C compatible Cabinet:

Molded plastic (PC/ABS) Dimensions:

Width: 297 mm

Height: 57 mm (Not including the projection parts) Length: 210 mm Weight:

Operating environment: Temperature: 0°C-40°C (When the "HIGHLAND" is set to "ON" 0° C - 35° C) Humidity: 20 % - 80 % (no condensation) Certifications:


UL60950, C-UL, FCC Class B PT-LB50NTE/EA, LB50E/EA.LB50SE/EA:

EN60950, EN55022, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN55024 < Remote control unit> Power supply:

3 V DC (AAA battery x 2) Operating range: Approx. 7 m

(when operated directly in front of signal receptor) Dimensions: Width: 51.5 mm Height: 21.1 mm Length: 123 mm Weight: 74 g (including battery) Accessories: Remote control unit PT-LB50NT** (N2QAYA000001): 1

AAA batteries for remote control unit (x2): 1

Power cord: PT-LB50NTU/LB50U/LB50SU:

K2CG3DR00006 1


K2CM3DR00002 (continental) 1


K2CT3DR00005 (U.K) 1

K2CM3DR00002 1

RGB signal cable [K1HA15DA0002 (1.8 m)]: 1

Carrying bag (TPEP018): 1

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